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My name is Ryuki Kitaoka. everybody,Let's talk not only Japanese but also American ,Chinese ,European ,all over the world people! みなさん、HPの事、映画の事、外国の事、何でもいろいろ書いて下さい!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My best friend DanteCarver

He is a famous foreign  talent in Japan. He is very good guy as  same on the CM.

His birthday today!!

we had dinner that cooked by his wife at his place ,then we served surprise  cake and present!

Oh~, That was great time.

I really like spend time with my good friends who make me happy.

I hope everyones 'll spend precious time all over the world.

Ryuki Kitaoka

Friday, January 14, 2011


Very cold in japan!

I hate that weather. I wanna go Hawaii!!       I never been there. It seems like worm......

Anyway if you feel something and or not, please posts your comment!!  Click the pencil below,very easy!

And My action team Dragon Ryuki Japan's new video clip will upload soon on my web site.

Please wait!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I decided that will start blog in English. Because,I wanna know a people all over the world more,

and want you to know my thing.

And,I din't think it was fair in the person who didn't understand Japanese.

From now, Let me hear your voice,and hear my voice.Not only English but also Mandarin,Cantonese and

other countries.