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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Long time no see!!

I've been not seeing you for a long time !! I'm really sorry!!

I went to oversea to lean many things!  But after back to here Japan.....well...I's really hard situation in 

Japan... Because I was not here so can't get job!, shooting!!,sad....

But I've been tried hard to get job as an acting!! And then, I have good  news to everyones today!!

well...I'll take part in ''Yubari international fantastic film festival 2013in Hokkaido''as a guest!!

And,I appeared on  Two films!! I'll introduce to you about those!

The one is creative cartoon film that name is ''MOERU BUTUZO NINGEN'' directed by UJICHA.

It's kind of a japanese old cartoon ''NEKOME KOZO''.

This cartoon film is really impressive!! A director UJICHA made it alone!!! Unbelievable!!

Please see it if you can!! This is trailer of it!!


And second one is ...This film also very creative and original. I call it the figure(doll) toku-satu action

entertainment film. Name is ''NINJA THEORY''directed by Takashi Iizuka.

Yeah , as you know This is Ninja story. But using a figure(doll).This film also A director Iizuka made

himself!! Before ,He once was doing every things! voice act(all of the character),camera,music,

art,direct,editing,producer....Amazing!!! Here put a poster of it !

So..If you come to see it, I'm very happy!! If you can't come..Don't forget These film's name!!

Thank you!!