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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I watched The vampire diaries season2 vol.13,14!!

I really love that TV!

I wanna see more!!

And Spartacus god of the arena is also good!! The story is really awesome!!

I'm not  possible to catch it enough.

So have to learn English more!!  Oh~ It's hard thing for me~

Someone help me~!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello, everyone!!   I went to the Wonder Festival on 6th February.

I really misunderstood about WanFes.  I overslept so that I was late for there.

When I reached there.....Wow!!!    So many....no.....  Huge!!!

Well.... I should  come here early morning....  I arrived here at 2:00 pm.

Anyway, I introduce WanFes 2011 in Japan!!
I met with Mr.Sagae (He is my best friend who sculpture)
then we will(I will...)start a festival trip!!

There are so many booth!!          Figure, Car, Game, Toys,Costume,and so on.
 ↑ Sorry not race-queen there.

There are so many amateur photographer around race-queen . We headed to ahead avoiding cloud of that.  Then....I can see something looking fun,...It was...The new movie 'Karate-robo ZABORGAR' booth. And,You can see by the motorbike is.....

Mr.Noboru Iguchi who director of Zabogar!! He is really funny and polite.Good person.!

I wanna appear on his movie in the distant future.!!

Then, We keep walking to the head.So many booth there.
↑ Atelier Sai(www.atsai.co.jp)

↑ A-toys

↑Yuji sakai's booth

Oh~,Yes.We could meet Mr.Miyawaki who host at this huge event and also president of Kaiyodo.(www.kaiyodo.co.jp)
He is nice face isn't it? I said to him「You such a grate!! managing big event like this!」and He said
「Yeah,I'm grate」and smile . What a fluent and refresh He is.

Then, still keep going..
↑Mr.Sugimoto's booth
The high quality it is. What do you think? It's like real one is it?
Then, I found something and getting exited...
↑ TUNE BLADE BOOTH(www.saturn.ne.jp)

Uh~ Great!! I wanna buy! But....Can I take a train??

Then,go again...
The booth like this. This two are a bust.

Well, Time was getting close to the end ..(cause my overslept) and Mr.Sagae looked tired so We checked our another friend's work before come back to home.

How was this article??
Anyway,I was really enjoyed The Wonder Festival 2011Winter!!
I 'm looking forward to The Wonder Festival 2011Summer!!And,Why don't you come if you have planing to Japan in summer!! See you there!!

Thank you for watching!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love American drama !!

I 've been watch few American drama in these days. I really like the one of it , That is ....

 'The vampire dairies'.   This drama is really awesome! I really like a character of Stephane(Paul Wesley).

He is gentle,polite,strong,and good looking.I really admire his figure!!

Oh~,'Elena(Nina Dobrev)' so cute!  Those two guys are absolutely main character.

But I think that the other characters also really nice!!  'Bonnie(Katerina Graham)' and 'Caroline(Candice Accola)' are different type of lady but, those guys also beautiful and cute!!!!

Of course ,'Damon(Ian Somerhalder)' and 'Tyler(Michael Trevino)' are not bad.

Now,I can't wait new episode any more!!  Wanna see!!