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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Independent film wrap up yesterday

Long time no see!

I 've been shooting a Independent film with my friend Kiyotaka Taguchi and Hiroshi Sagae.

But , to tell the truth, just two days filming!

When we met and drank before, we talked about many things.

And,『We can do something on the filming! So let's do it immediately 』then we make plan about independent film project until morning on same days!

Few days later,

We gathered and had shooting with over 20like-minded people .but not finished just one day!

So ,we gathered again did shoot the rest of scene yesterday!

Then wrap up!!

We really had fun.We feel great now!!

It's wonderful to creation with people have same passion !!

Japanese people ,Japanese film maker still here!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello, What's up ?

So, DEATH KAPPA & NANASE FUTATABI are in the rental shop now!

you can rent those movie at rental shop!!    Oh~ Sorry if you stay in Japan.

Anyway, Please watch it!!

 By the way ,Yoshiko Tanaka is gone for sick. She is a great actress in Japan.I really respect  her.

I sincerely pray for a great actress YOSHIKO TANAKA.

 See you !

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hi, Long time no see!!

I had been lot of things after An earthquake, So I had no time to write on the blog.

I really sorry about victim of this earthquake.

I hope that Things going to be good as soon as possible.

Well,I went to Hawaii to attend my dear friend's wedding.

It was really good wedding,I really impressed.

This is the first time to felt the yearning about wedding.

But,of cause so many things happen on that day! It's like a comedy movie!!

For example , I forgot the belt in my suit case, I and Bridegroom had change our clothes in the rest room
at the hotel and so on.....

Anyway,Marvelous wedding had ever before!

Oh,I had one more thing .Most Hawaiian people worried about Japan! They taking up a collection for a
earthquake victims in Japan. Amazing!!

Finally, I am deeply appreciate people who I met there. Thank you so much!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Johnny Depp !!

Long time no see!! Sorry!

How are you Everyone!? I have been good!! It's getting worm outside, lot of people already got hey fever  in Japan!!

Watch out everyone!

Well, The other day , I went to the Japan premiere of 「Tourist」!!

So meny lady came to there.... Because ....,Yes ! Mr. Johnny Depp  came to there !!

Wow I wanna be Johnny Depp.....

Uh? What? Oh~ I could see Johnny in front of my seat with japanese lady!?

Nooooooo!   He is a Johnny Depp look a like!!

I thought that not coming real one!  But, in a few minute later .....He coming in to the theatre !

Woman's shout and joy is heard!!   Yes it's him!!

Unfortunately Angelina could not come there. Because she went  out to Afghan for the volunteer work.

She is great!   Honorable activity that is!!

Of course She is great and beautiful in the movie!! She is in Paris! That is awesome!!

Well ,Mr. Johnny said that Angelina and Johnny could not stay together without shooting.

Because the staff protect from the paparazzi .It's mean The movie is spoilt when becoming scandalous.

So, Johnny disappointed that!

And  It seems that Brad pit had been always together on the shooting.

I envy Brad pitt.

Anyway, Let's watch Johnny and Angelina on「Tourist」at the theatre!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I watched The vampire diaries season2 vol.13,14!!

I really love that TV!

I wanna see more!!

And Spartacus god of the arena is also good!! The story is really awesome!!

I'm not  possible to catch it enough.

So have to learn English more!!  Oh~ It's hard thing for me~

Someone help me~!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello, everyone!!   I went to the Wonder Festival on 6th February.

I really misunderstood about WanFes.  I overslept so that I was late for there.

When I reached there.....Wow!!!    So many....no.....  Huge!!!

Well.... I should  come here early morning....  I arrived here at 2:00 pm.

Anyway, I introduce WanFes 2011 in Japan!!
I met with Mr.Sagae (He is my best friend who sculpture)
then we will(I will...)start a festival trip!!

There are so many booth!!          Figure, Car, Game, Toys,Costume,and so on.
 ↑ Sorry not race-queen there.

There are so many amateur photographer around race-queen . We headed to ahead avoiding cloud of that.  Then....I can see something looking fun,...It was...The new movie 'Karate-robo ZABORGAR' booth. And,You can see by the motorbike is.....

Mr.Noboru Iguchi who director of Zabogar!! He is really funny and polite.Good person.!

I wanna appear on his movie in the distant future.!!

Then, We keep walking to the head.So many booth there.
↑ Atelier Sai(www.atsai.co.jp)

↑ A-toys

↑Yuji sakai's booth

Oh~,Yes.We could meet Mr.Miyawaki who host at this huge event and also president of Kaiyodo.(www.kaiyodo.co.jp)
He is nice face isn't it? I said to him「You such a grate!! managing big event like this!」and He said
「Yeah,I'm grate」and smile . What a fluent and refresh He is.

Then, still keep going..
↑Mr.Sugimoto's booth
The high quality it is. What do you think? It's like real one is it?
Then, I found something and getting exited...
↑ TUNE BLADE BOOTH(www.saturn.ne.jp)

Uh~ Great!! I wanna buy! But....Can I take a train??

Then,go again...
The booth like this. This two are a bust.

Well, Time was getting close to the end ..(cause my overslept) and Mr.Sagae looked tired so We checked our another friend's work before come back to home.

How was this article??
Anyway,I was really enjoyed The Wonder Festival 2011Winter!!
I 'm looking forward to The Wonder Festival 2011Summer!!And,Why don't you come if you have planing to Japan in summer!! See you there!!

Thank you for watching!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love American drama !!

I 've been watch few American drama in these days. I really like the one of it , That is ....

 'The vampire dairies'.   This drama is really awesome! I really like a character of Stephane(Paul Wesley).

He is gentle,polite,strong,and good looking.I really admire his figure!!

Oh~,'Elena(Nina Dobrev)' so cute!  Those two guys are absolutely main character.

But I think that the other characters also really nice!!  'Bonnie(Katerina Graham)' and 'Caroline(Candice Accola)' are different type of lady but, those guys also beautiful and cute!!!!

Of course ,'Damon(Ian Somerhalder)' and 'Tyler(Michael Trevino)' are not bad.

Now,I can't wait new episode any more!!  Wanna see!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My best friend DanteCarver

He is a famous foreign  talent in Japan. He is very good guy as  same on the CM.

His birthday today!!

we had dinner that cooked by his wife at his place ,then we served surprise  cake and present!

Oh~, That was great time.

I really like spend time with my good friends who make me happy.

I hope everyones 'll spend precious time all over the world.

Ryuki Kitaoka

Friday, January 14, 2011


Very cold in japan!

I hate that weather. I wanna go Hawaii!!       I never been there. It seems like worm......

Anyway if you feel something and or not, please posts your comment!!  Click the pencil below,very easy!

And My action team Dragon Ryuki Japan's new video clip will upload soon on my web site.

Please wait!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I decided that will start blog in English. Because,I wanna know a people all over the world more,

and want you to know my thing.

And,I din't think it was fair in the person who didn't understand Japanese.

From now, Let me hear your voice,and hear my voice.Not only English but also Mandarin,Cantonese and

other countries.