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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Johnny Depp !!

Long time no see!! Sorry!

How are you Everyone!? I have been good!! It's getting worm outside, lot of people already got hey fever  in Japan!!

Watch out everyone!

Well, The other day , I went to the Japan premiere of 「Tourist」!!

So meny lady came to there.... Because ....,Yes ! Mr. Johnny Depp  came to there !!

Wow I wanna be Johnny Depp.....

Uh? What? Oh~ I could see Johnny in front of my seat with japanese lady!?

Nooooooo!   He is a Johnny Depp look a like!!

I thought that not coming real one!  But, in a few minute later .....He coming in to the theatre !

Woman's shout and joy is heard!!   Yes it's him!!

Unfortunately Angelina could not come there. Because she went  out to Afghan for the volunteer work.

She is great!   Honorable activity that is!!

Of course She is great and beautiful in the movie!! She is in Paris! That is awesome!!

Well ,Mr. Johnny said that Angelina and Johnny could not stay together without shooting.

Because the staff protect from the paparazzi .It's mean The movie is spoilt when becoming scandalous.

So, Johnny disappointed that!

And  It seems that Brad pit had been always together on the shooting.

I envy Brad pitt.

Anyway, Let's watch Johnny and Angelina on「Tourist」at the theatre!!

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