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Friday, April 8, 2011


Hi, Long time no see!!

I had been lot of things after An earthquake, So I had no time to write on the blog.

I really sorry about victim of this earthquake.

I hope that Things going to be good as soon as possible.

Well,I went to Hawaii to attend my dear friend's wedding.

It was really good wedding,I really impressed.

This is the first time to felt the yearning about wedding.

But,of cause so many things happen on that day! It's like a comedy movie!!

For example , I forgot the belt in my suit case, I and Bridegroom had change our clothes in the rest room
at the hotel and so on.....

Anyway,Marvelous wedding had ever before!

Oh,I had one more thing .Most Hawaiian people worried about Japan! They taking up a collection for a
earthquake victims in Japan. Amazing!!

Finally, I am deeply appreciate people who I met there. Thank you so much!!

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